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Disney released the 3D-computer animated movie, Wreck-It Ralph, back in 2012 which grossed over US$471 million worldwide, with Wreck-It Ralph 2, being released this coming year. This feature, loved by both kids and adults, depicts the behind-the-scene agonizes of characters within a video game. It puts some perspective on looking at things differently, since here you had a character (Ralph) in the video game Fix-It Felix Jr., who is heavily disliked by his co-characters for simply doing his job, while the hero, Felix, is continually awarded medals and praises for protecting them from Ralph. Tired of the maltreatment, Ralph decides that he needed to win a medal so that he could earn respect from is co-characters, and as such, set out to do so, ultimately crash-landing in Sugar Rush, a candy-themed racing game.

Essentially, Ralph was tired of being a villain for 30 years, because no one likes Bad Guys, and so he rebelled against his set character, wanting to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a hero instead. We may never look at villains the same way again but even so, Ralph was determined to change the script of what he was created for. In essence, Ralph was an underdog searching for a new identity. He left his own arcade game, travelling though the surge protectors and power cords to every gamer’s dream place, Game Central Station, the gateway to every game within the arcade store.

Learning that he would win a medal in the game Hero’s Duty, Ralph suited up to battle Cy-Bugs, cyber spiders portraying a nasty computer virus. Having won his medal for bravery in the first-person shooter challenge, Ralph crash lands his spaceship in another arcade game, Sugar Rush, when a huge Cy-Bug attacked him onboard. In Sugar Rush, Vanellope von Schweetz, a pint-sized little girl, determined to compete in Sugar Rush’s prestigious races, steals the medal so that she can stake her spot for the upcoming car race. Ralph again becomes powerless and then has an unpleasant encounter with the dictator of Sugar Rush, King Candy.

Sugar Rush is a Candy-Land themed car racing game. Everything is made entirely of candy even the cars, the roads and all the infrastructure. I am sure Candy Land game board sales must have skyrocketed and the online game app Candy Crush must have gained an extreme amount of popularity, after this movie. Ralph then becomes allies with Vanellope and is on to a new quest, build a race car to help her win a spot on the race and recover his medal at the same time. On the other hand, Felix abandoned the game and the Nicelanders, the co-characters in the Fix-It Felix Jr. game.

In the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph 2, Ralph again teams up with Vanellope von Schweetz but instead of being ostracized for being a villain in his own game, Ralph breaks the entire Internet. This new feature comes 6 years after Part 1 which was a major milestone in Disney’s Revival era, being Disney’s first non-musical feature since the release of 101 Dalmatians back in 1961.

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