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Viruses in the game are even fictional to have much more destructive power.

Solanum in World War Z

Based on the best-selling movie and novel of the same name, World War Z takes you to a fantasy world not far from here with a virus called Solanum. They spread everywhere and turned healthy, lucid humans into swarms of bloodthirsty corpses. With Solanum, the world has almost come to a dead end.

Despite being a third-person shooter, World War Z with a focus on the Solanum virus will make players understand the horrific level of this contagious virus. Thereby, you must win, try your best to retain the hope of survival for humanity.

T-Virus in Resident Evil

As the most cruel virus in the gaming world, T-Virus must appear in this list. T-Virus is the main cause of most crimes and catastrophic events throughout the history of this Resident Evil series. T-Virus has become one of the most famous biological weapons in the game industry as well as in the hearts of zombies entertainment genre today.

It is known that when infected with the virus, the central neurons that operate the patient’s brain will be completely destroyed. The only thing left is the wild instinct of the original human. This is almost the same as turning a sick person into soulless but insane bodies, persistent hunger and non-stop aggression.

Virus in The Walking Dead

No name, but the virus is exactly what caused the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead. It grows so strong that the number of undead has many times more people living on Earth. Not to mention, the corpses now have good health but move very slowly and can only use two senses, hearing and smell, which have caused so many tragedies for all humanity.

So let’s hypothesize when viruses evolved, and zombies evolved along with how things would be tragic. Certainly, based on what we know, there is still no effective vaccine for these corpses.

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