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You may have seen a video that went viral of a girl wearing a device around her eyes and screaming hilariously while onlookers laughed as well. If you noticed the television screen on the side of her, then you would have seen what she was going through. The device she was wearing is called a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. She was basically playing a game using her motions to navigate through a perilous three-dimensional (3D) artificial environment. This feature is known as bio-sensing as motion detectors are used to detect your presence in the game. These headsets have been on the retail market since 2016 so that you can game in the comfort of your own home. But, be warned, first time users may suffer from motion sickness.

VR Gaming is starting to become popular, with VR Escape Rooms popping up for customers who prefer to test it out before investing in one themselves or for those who can’t afford the investment just yet. Most popular companies such as SONY, Google and Samsung have headsets already out on the market and even Apple is rumored to release theirs in 2020. While some headsets work with additional hardware such as a PlayStation or a PC, the Lenovo Mirage Solo is a stand-alone android device, using Google Daydream software platform. It comes with a hefty price tag, retailing for US$400 on amazon, but its counterpart, the Oculus Go, another stand-alone VR headset, retails for half its price, US$200 on amazon.

It seems that either designers got their ideas from movies that depicted a future world, or someone sold the secrets of these companies and made movies with it. Either way, VR is here, and it can be deployed to anyone who can afford it. The idea for VR gaming systems may have first stemmed since the early 1980s when the Nintendo company launched its Virtual Boy game console. Now, with cutting edge technology and innovative methods, these headsets would ultimately develop and maybe, soon, we would be wearing sunglasses that are actually sending us into a gaming zone. Who is to say no?

When VR started, it isolated players, making one more of a loner than anything else. The future of VR however, would be developed to include remote, multi-player interactivity since most developers are continually pushing for more social integration. Mark Zuckerberg for instance, who purchased Oculus back in 2014, demoed a conceptual VR social space. Oculus even announced that they would be creating an avatar tool that players can use to customize a similar likeness to themselves for interacting with others.

Other than gaming, VR can be used for educational purposes, storytelling, illustrations and even, as one researcher claimed, alter the perception of pain. While many may frown on wasting out future generations to gaming and computer screens, there is much to be gained from developing the idea of VR gaming. Imagine using VR to conquer concepts that have given you problems throughout your school life. Our future generation would not be lost in a world of binary, instead, their potential could be more developed than we ever could imagine.

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