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In addition to the big names in the gaming industry with countless shocking products during the past time, gamers still do not forget the Indle games of the independent developers. They can be individuals who own many unique, interesting ideas and express them through vivid worlds and extremely personal characters.

Quest Lord

If you do not like the current 3D graphics system, 2D game Quest Lord can be a spiritual dish that you need to find. Throughout this game is an open world that contains countless elements related to the RPG game genre. It was surprising to know that everything in the game was developed by a single person: Eric Kincaid. Try playing this old school game, maybe you love it.

Crystal Story I and II

Continuing with us is the game only by a single developer: Crystal Story with 2 parts I and II. Its beginning was a Flash game played on a web browser. Because of the resounding success, the author decided to port to the Android platform and also created another version. Ignore the boring conversations, we will have a lot of places to explore, many side quests to do and many monsters to perform special techniques.

As an RPG game, mini bosses and bosses will be an indispensable element. The author makes good use of what he learned from the previous JRPG games so we can clearly feel each character’s turn.

9th Dawn I and II

At the dawn of the gaming world, when people were still playing games at home on IBM 5150 and Commodore 64 machines, Lord British (Richard Garriot) created a game that was rumored to be the first. of the CRPG genre. Many modern-day RPG titles originate from the Ultima series. With 9th Dawn I and II, we will have turn-based battles, choosing one of the three available classes from the beginning of the game, leveling up and hunting items in the dungeons.

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