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Nowadays, there are many types of online games suitable for women. Here are 3 of the most popular games that almost all girls play.

Date or Ditch 2

Date or Ditch is a perfect product of Gameloft for single haughty girls. If in the first version, Date or Ditch has received a lot of positive feedback, this part 2 is expected to bring more fun screens and situations than the first one. By choosing a character, female gamers can take part in a colorful virtual life in Date or Ditch 2. With funny situations and witty lines, players will have a chance to face the challenge of dumping their own prince.

Supermarket Mania

Supermarket Mania is a restaurant service game version for iOS users. The game does not require a high degree of thinking but requires players to be quick and fast. Therefore, this game is very suitable for women.

As a Nikki girl, players will have the opportunity to take over supermarkets with large and small sizes to build a prestigious retail network. By serving well, providing food in time and in the right place, gamers will earn points by receiving money from customers. The more crowded, the bigger the revenue and the more money players will have to equip or repair paint, expand their supermarket scale. In addition, players must also consider other factors such as thieves, broken goods or VIP customers.

Pocket Chef

Cooking games like Pocket Chef have the ability to attract women. Based on the formula of 25 real foods, Gameloft cleverly integrated into the game to give players the opportunity to cook famous dishes in the world.
Players will have to learn how to beat eggs, meat and sprouts noodles properly to create attractive dishes. The score will be based on whether it is correct and correct.

Among the 3 games listed above, which one do you like most? If you haven’t played, try downloading them now!

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