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Obviously, losing a game in the game is very normal for all players, whether in simple, complex games. However, not every game the characters also have the same sacrifice. Some are as gentle as Mario being stabbed to death by a tortoise, or as scary as The Walking Dead when our character is eaten by living corpses. And here we have listed a few games with the death of the characters in the game that are considered to be the scariest.

Spider-Man vs The Kingpin

Spiderman is one of the superheroes that is probably the most enemy. But especially enemies often appear in the game to fight Spider man is King Pin, crime boss. In the battle at the end of the game, when the spiders confront the Kingpin there will be different endings happening.

If Spider-Man successfully defeated Kingpin but failed to save Mary Jane, she would fall into an acid pool. That may sound bad, but things can really get worse if Spider-Man fails to defeat the Kingpin, both he and Mary Jane will be thrown into the acid lake while Kingpin feels happy. happy. It is clearly not the end you want. So, if you play The Amazing spider man vs The Kingpin version in 1991, please do not fail, it will be very bad.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space is a really exciting series of games, although it didn’t have any new parts, but many people are still playing the parts of the series. A typical example of the gruesome appeal of the Dead Space series is in Dead Space 2, when players use the NoonTech diagnostic machine. It was a time when Isaac needed to collect some data from something called the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine.

This device uses needles to extract information from the human brain, and the problem here is that Isaac needs to keep NoonTech’s needle to calmly inserted. A little panic will cause the machine to malfunction. And if you can’t direct the machine’s needle to Isaac’s iris or Isaac can’t keep his heart rate slowed, NoonTech’s needle will immediately stab Isaac’s eyes, killing Isaac right away.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead of Telltale surprised the whole world in 2012. It is true that despite being rated good, it can be seen that The Walking Dead is also quite a brutal game. Once he did not complete the task and suddenly the bodies were treating Lee like a snack. The scary scenes are many in the game, especially when the zombies rushed into Lee while he screamed in pain, crawled on the ground, the zombies pulled the organs of lee out and ate them before his eyes. me. Witnessing the gut of a man who becomes a real dinner will make many people obsessed.

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