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For Aliens game lovers, you will probably have to wait a while longer.
After the success of the game Alien: Isolation, another Alien game was also made, but it received mixed opinions for a mobile game. Therefore, gamers have focused their attention on Alien: Crucible, a blockbuster between Sega and Obsidian. However, this project was abandoned because of the idea that the game was just simulating Mass Effect.

In the short term recently, Sega has always had difficulties with external partners and many projects because of that, leaving it unfinished or impossible. Although Sega has signed many agreements to build specific games, Sega has received many “bitter fruits” such as the cancellation of Bayonetta 2 which makes the whole company die but has finally done well. TheĀ  RPG game that Sega has planned in full with Obsidian.

Talking to the former developer of Obsidian and Chris Avellone, he explained what Obsidian wanted to do with the game when he was white with Sega: “Project Aliens: Crucible is unfortunately canceled, but I don’t blame Sega for this, but if possible, Crucible Aliens is essentially just like a Mass Effect version but built in a much more horrifying atmosphere. ”
If the game continues, you will play the role of an adventurer arriving in a strange place and find some information left by the Engineer. It looks quite similar to the plot of the 2012 Prometheus film, tied to the myth of the Aliens creature, but the similarity hasn’t stopped there. Avellon explains: “When you enter the atmosphere, you will realize that the planet is unstable and its crew explodes. And when your team can land, you will see There are many similarities with Prometheus, but the game world will be even more violent and violent when there are many Aliens running around, but how to create a base to restore the entire world? supply”. The game is also expected to add many more species like xenomorph that will appear anywhere and anytime, including when you are chatting with others.

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