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Video game console, also popular and more familiar to us “handheld game console” or “portable video game”, can be considered a piece associated with memory and life of any guy.

It must be said that the handheld game machines have followed us since very early, since they were the elementary school guys or often skipped classes to gather together in the ice electronic game stalls, growing up a bit. Another is the fiery matches of Winning Eleven (now renamed PES), compared with the Beast Match of middle school students, to the age of being immersed in the fantasy world of Final Fantasy series …

In other words, handheld game consoles have somewhat “nurtured” childhood memories of everyone, and still stick with many of us as adults. Moreover, the game is always an important entertainment industry, is a business direction that brings out a lot of money, is the spearhead business direction of the world entertainment industry with the famous names of the machine manufacturing industry. playing games like PlayStation, Nintendo, Microsoft; or as well-known game brands like Sega, Square Enix, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Bandai Namco …

1 / Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii is really a new wind in the handheld gaming world by completely changing the traditional gaming concept by forcing people to truly move their bodies with motion sensor systems. This is also the best-selling handheld game console in Nintendo history with about 101 million units.
2 / PlayStation 1
Considered an immortal monument, a revolutionary opened a whole new era in the world of handheld game consoles. At the heyday, any boy who owns a PS1 machine will be “worshiped” by his peers as a group member! PS1 is always a desire to the point that the guys are ready to cut their crabs to “gather” in the game shop, despite the following letters of teachers’ parents and the beatings of their parents.

PlayStation was released in 1995, and has since been considered one of the most revered handheld game consoles, especially the early 8x and 9x generations.
3 / PlayStation 2
Launched in 2000, following the aura of the PlayStation 1 and not disappointing predecessors when “not having a competitor” in the segment of handheld games for nearly a decade when it was born. . By 2010, Sony officially announced it had sold a total of 155 million PS2 devices worldwide after a decade of existence. PS2 lives “longer and longer” than any of its competitors in the same segment, and it is not until 2013 that the PS2 is officially declared dead for the next generation.

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