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Although it has only been launched for a few days, Call Of Duty: Warzone has made a huge push not only for gamers around the world, but also for the battle royale genre which used to be the king of PUBG and Fortnite. When entering this arena of life and death, guns are extremely important to survive until the end. Based on the current meta as well as the actual review of the gun arsenal in the game, today’s article would summarize the most trusted guns in the game.

  1. AX-50
    As an indispensable weapon of every assassin, sniper rifles are used by many players in PUBG, and with Warzone is no exception. A powerful weapon with high accuracy for long-range shots, the AX-50 is difficult to use when shooting at moving targets. But at a moderate distance, the AX-50 has always been considered an instant hit.
  2. Origin 12
    With narrow spaces, you will need a gun with tremendous damage to defeat any danger. In Warzone, Origin 12 will undoubtedly be a reliable shotgun because it allows players to fire multiple shots with relatively strong damage. Although the damage to each bullet is not really great, each standard shot will send the enemy into Gulag immediately.
  3. Kar98k
    With a sniper, you can only shoot 1 or 2 shots and “escape” before the enemy discovered your location to find hiding places, so that each shot is very important. With high accuracy at a distance, Kar98k Marksman is a rifle trusted by many people though the firing rate and loading speed are very poor. In addition, you can use it to “weaken” enemies to assist your teammates to destroy or to support your other stronger weapons.
  4. Mk2 Carbine

If you want a gun with good damage at long range, MK2 Carbine will be a gun that meets that criteria. With high accuracy and strong damage, every shot of MK2 will make the opponent scared, especially when the accuracy will be strengthened when the gun is equipped with laser is the choice of many people at the end of the match.

In addition to shotguns, the MP7 is also a good choice for melee handling if it is suddenly attacked, must quickly target the enemy but still retain high accuracy as a counterattack or withdrawal. back. However, because the range was short and the strength dropped markedly as the bullet flew farther, MP7 was quickly replaced by other powerful guns in the later period.

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