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Minecraft Forum

This favorite game forum among millions of all ages is the definitive place for all of those who are die-hard fans to gather and talk about games. Minecraft hosts hundreds of topics, including the extensive mods and skins used in the game.

Sharing is the name of the game on this forum; maps, rebuild, skins of marvel heroes are shared every day. Minecraft has around 5.1 million members and about 5 billion views.


RPG has some of the most dedicated gaming fans, and that is also the case of MMORPG. This game forum has easy accessibility with useful links to play, buy, and order games right from the sidebar.

There is even a forum dedicated to site suggestions, which helps the web developers with suggestions from its users. The general MMORPG forum on the site has around 160.1 thousand discussions and 3 million comments.

The Verge

With its stylish design, The Verge evokes a fashionable and cool appearance for visitors. It is just as present as the design, with people creating topics to start out meaning and fun discussions.


R/gaming has recently become a massive gathering place for gamers to share knowledge, pictures, and other gaming fun.

Around releases of big games such as Super Smash Brothers and Red Dead Redemption II, r/gaming become the place for gamers to share game secrets and their personal stories with the games.

The site keeps chugging with traffic thanks to people always outdoing each other with relatable stories, humorous pictures, and love of games that keeps. R/gaming has more than 20 million subscribers now.


VGR is famous for its approach to the community. The site features an Introductions board to talk about favorite games and greet new members. The site also has two very important forums: Video Game Deals and Esports & Competitive Gaming.

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