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Video game forums have become more popular than ever before, with various avenues for gamers to interact with each other. Now let’s have a more comprehensive look at the most active video game forums in the world right now.


GameFAQs has been the definitive source for detailed walkthroughs of games. Whether you are tuck in an impossible dungeon or unsure where the final piece of the Triforce is in Zelda, GameFAQS has the answers for mostly everything. It is a supportive community for you to talk about games in general, or specific help you need with a certain game.

There’s a reason why the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are there in its name. The site always proves it’s going strong for 23 years, despite keeping a simplistic yet timeless design.


Launched as Game-Age Forums in 1999, NeoGAF hosts some games forums ranging from gaming to Off-Topic if you and those gamers online want to go off or raise critical issues apart from gaming.

The poster addressed the community as ‘Gaffers’ and asked about the Online mode of the Red Dead (something that has been somehow controversial because of its many technical issues).


Gamespot is a very active video game forum that has a teeming, passionate population. Specific topics are selected from the bigger whole and displayed on the page, while other boards, like the giant Retro Gaming and the controversial System Wars populate the site.


UGN is a classic and current powerhouse in gaming world. Its video game forum is high-quality and easily organized by gaming platform such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and more, and further into more specific topics.

A quick peruse of the PC forum showed a large number of topics with gamers giving good PC build recommendations and great deals on games to help each other. The community is as good as you can hope about any gaming forum to be.

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