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This article is going to bring you the best animated game titles in 2018 for an otaku-game holic.

Attack on Titan 2
To give up all fear, human beings will have to live their lives beyond the walls. The success of the manga and the anime is undeniable, but you will be surprised that producer Koei Tecmo has brought the blood and fire into the game. In this second part, you will have to fight frantically with huge rivals. Strike tactically, do not let the giant Titan down. The good news for gamers is that Attack on Titan 2 is available on most consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, the PlayStation Vita, and the PC. So what are you waiting for without taking your weapons to battle today?

Dragonball Fighter Z
Songoku is back and more beneficial than ever. Surely we all love each other with the manga Dragon Ball, this latest season of the anime has been transformed into a game and our super saiyan guy will have to fight with new enemies strong. terrible. This game will sum up the essence of the previous parts with all the success factors for a game of resistance that is the number of giant characters, top graphics, and the game lasts hard to stop. In addition to the transformation of Super saiyan god of Songoku and Vegata, in the game we will encounter a completely new exclusive character that is Android 21 GOOD. The game is released on PS4, XBOX 1 and PC.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia
The game also revolves around the story that began in the kingdom of Britania, the Liones Kingdom, when the “Knights of the Knights” began to strengthen their weapons and human powers in preparation for a war they called ” . Because of that, they conducted a coup against the country and treated it roughly. To counter this absurd war, the Princess Elizabeth had fled and was surrendered by Maltese to Meliodas, the criminals of the “Wrath”. And our gamers will follow in the footsteps of this couple fighting and looking for the other members. The good news is that the game has nice graphics, sticking to the plot, content is deep, the contrast is quite sad or sad that the game is only released on the PS4.

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