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In the present days, the demanding of making a game is increasing besides the rate of playing games from gamers. 2018 have witnessed the growth of Battle game such as Fornite, PUBG, etc… . In this article, we will figure out the best free tools for game programing for those who have passion in this field.

Game Maker

Game Maker is a free tool that appropriate for any Windows, Android, IOS or Mac. This is used mostly for beginners who have just started studying gaming as it has a bunch of guides and tutorial. Spelunky and Hotline Miami is the popular game that made from this tool.


This tool gives you a trial period and training program to learn how to use it perfectly. However, Buildbox is supposed to have various bugs and unstable. As it is made for beginners, users are advised to crack if you tend to try a complicated program.

Cocos 2D

For gamers who have basic background and want to challenge in making 2D game, Cocos 2D is for you. Once you have settled into programming languages, you easy to get into using this program as this program is suitable for mid-users.

Unreal Engine

If you are master in making game, Unreal Engine has pretty much everything you need, including 3D modeling tools, landscape system, characters and more. As its multi-function, Unreal Engine seems hard to use even users have knowledge about C++. That said, you will be able to make incredible thing with Unreal Engine. You can also reverse with engineer of Unreal’s nodes to learn how it works, but even still, it is hard to jump into this program if you do not have any prior backgrounds.


Like Unreal Engine, Unity is also for those who have experiences. You can make 2D or 3D games by this tool. Unity uses C# language to custom the program so you will want to learn about it. However, Unity probably seems to use easier than Unreal Engine as it has the pre-built behaviors makes tracking down asset smoothly.

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