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You might not have a powerful PC or game console, but there are fairly practical options that will help you play more than one game using just the browser on your computer. We will recommend to you some very interesting suggestions that you will surely have a good time with, and even recall the old times.

Games for the browser

Thanks to the development of existing browsers, we are able to run web pages with quite advanced graphic downloads. That, coupled with truly incredible projects done by a number of developers, allows us to enjoy truly compelling games worthy of any console. Obviously, we’re not talking about next-generation games with beautiful graphics, but more than one thing may surprise you.


This geolocation game exploits the incredible potential of Google Maps to let you play guess the position of any corner of the world. And when we say any corner, we mean any regional highway of the most remote country in the world or any corner of the neighborhood where you won’t enter your life.

Geoguessr is an attractive geolocation game

Keep an eye on the location with Street View, you should try to find clues from where you are going to pick a spot on the map and try to zoom in with the fewest number of meters. The closer you are, the higher the score you’ll get.


Slither.io is considered one of the best browser games nowadays. Based on the mechanism of the legendary snake game Nokia, Slither.io is an online multiplayer game in which you will have to feed your snake at the same time as you pass by other players. The challenge is not colliding your snake with other players, because otherwise, the game will be over.

Collect as many shiny balls as you can find on the road, especially the ones left behind when they die, as they will make you grow faster.


You can enjoy a quintessential multiplayer shooter game with a browser version thanks Quakejs. From this site, we can create games and import already made games to play with other players around the world.

Quakejs is an interesting quintessential multiplayer shooter game


This is one of the most addictive, desperate, and bizarre games you can find on the internet. This famous synchronized track and field game will make you laugh and despair at equal parts as the intricate control system will force you to maintain perfect coordination to be able to do as many meters as possible on the racetrack. How many meters are you capable of?


Above are some highly-recommended browsers games that promise to bring you hours of enjoyment. Hopefully, you will have a great time with these attractive games!

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