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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends game, Riot Games has announced a series of projects that promise to change the eSports industry in the coming years.
Riot Games’ only League of Legends game is 10 years old, but the company still makes a fortune with 8 million people playing League of Legends every day.

However, fans still expect Riot Games to be able to do more. Today, at the celebration, the developer of Riot Games has revealed a series of promising new projects.

Pre-season: map changes and elemental dragons
Come see you again, after each world finals will be a new season with changes in how the game operates. This year, changes came from the map structure and the impact of elemental dragons.

Specifically, the forest will have more different areas such as additional grass bushes in blue buffs and dark corners in the top and bottom lane. This will make both jungle and ganking more complicated and more variable.

Mobile Alliance will be launched in 2020
No longer a rumor, Riot Games officially announced the Mobile Alliance project with the name Wild Rift. Similar to other familiar moba titles, the game revolves around the 5vs5 battle on a map with 3 main roads.

40 generals of the LoL universe will be introduced at Wild Rift. The Chinese market is expected to experience before the beta, while other regions need to wait a while to reach the international version.

In the context that the mobile gaming market is increasingly dominating the eSports industry (especially in Asia), this is considered a wise move by Riot Games.

This game will compete directly with other competitors such as Arena of Valor, Vainglory … However, Riot Games has a great advantage when LoL fans around the world are expecting to experience this game on the screen. small picture.

Animated series in the LOL universe
After short films about the League of Legends world released by Riot Games over the years, the company finally decided to release an official movie.

League of Legends fans around the world have long been expecting the fascinating storyline of this game to be adapted into movies, and now that wish has come true.

The first episode, called Arcane, is set in two opposing locations: Piltover super city and Zaun underworld. This is the origin of the two League champions – the most prestigious tournament in this universe. The film will clearly describe the opposition between the two classes, and the force has made this difference.

In addition, a documentary about the development of the game League of Legends is also released on Netflix.

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