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As many people are stuck at home due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has made some popular mobile games available free for now. These games are usually paid in some form, such as subscriptions on Apple Arcade or paid titles on the AppStore.

The aim of Apple is to make indoor life more comfortable. Here is a list of the games that are available for free this week.

  • Monument Valley 2 from Ustwo Games: Guide a mom and son as they enter an adventure through magical architecture, discover delightful puzzles and illusionary pathways when players learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.
  • Lara Croft Go from Square Enix: This turn-based puzzle-adventure give you the chance to discover well-kept secrets, explore an ancient civilization’s ruins, and face deadly challenges in order to uncover the myth of the Venom’s Queen.
  • Cat Quest from The Gentlebros: Inmmerse yourself with a grand adventure of magic, dragons, and cats in the purr-suit of the evil Drakoth.
  • Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?: This is a wacky space exploration game where players explore the vastness of a veggie-filled universe, manage their very own spaceship, and craft hundreds of weapons.
  • Earth Atlantis from Pixel Perfex: This game is a side-scrolling shooter based on an original Monster-Hunting gameplay. Explore the post-apocalyptic underwater world, find, and hunt down dreadful sea monsters.
  • Kings League: Odyssey from Kurechii: This game is based on the Flash strategy hit game. Players manage an army of more than 40 unique classes such as Lancers, Dragoons, and Berserkers to fight against other teams.
  • She and the Light Bearer from Toge Interactive: Enjoy the game and follow the Journey of the Little Firefly to find The Mother deep inside the heart of an unknown forest. Players have to solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges.

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