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Radical Rappelling is the latest mobile game from the well-known developer Halfbrick – the “father” of the two best-selling mobile games: Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Is this new game attractive and worth playing?
Halfbrick always knows how to please its customers, as it constantly launches a series of games with simple but highly entertaining features. For example, Fruit Ninja, the release of fatal slashes on ripe fruit, splashing water, and sound is equally vivid, which will help you to relieve stress after hours of exhaustive work. tired. Not stopping there, Radical Rappelling’s appearance also brings players to Extreme Sports, which is to drop themselves into the abys before the boiling lava flow.
Radical Rappelling is characterized by “adventure sports”, bringing players into the role of two brave young people Rip and Roxy together through a volcanic eruption of hot lava, by jumping and dodging movements same ingenuity and a steel spirit. In addition to volcanic rocks, players will experience the feeling of riding on a rainbow, or hovering over rockets to overcome dangerous traps at the foot of the mountain.

At the beginning, you will be able to choose one of the two main characters: Rip and Roxy, which will soon start playing the most dangerous game on the planet. Only with the rope tied to a fixed object on the top of the mountain, the player will have to control the character to cling to the cliffs, and drop it to the bottom, to avoid the lava volcano that is falling.
According to GameZebo: “Climbing along cliffs is never an easy experience for anyone. This is also the subject of Halfbrick’s latest game. Radical Rappelling offers an endless experience for mountaineering gamers and those who love adventure action.

The Android Authority page added: “During the game, players can collect coins to shop, equip and beautify their own Rip and Roxy characters. In the shop there are extremely diverse fashion models: sunglasses, superhero capes and effective support tools for players ”.
Can Halfbrick once again bring his Radical Rappelling to the top like two “brothers” Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride?

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