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India has no game industry like the US or Japan. Not only does the country not integrate foreign games, but it also prohibits and enforces strict rules regarding the release and play of games.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game like the Hunger Games movie, which recreates a battlefield of 100 players worldwide. They were equipped with rifles, machine guns, and other heavy weapons in order to become the last to survive. After China’s Tencent Holding introduced the mobile version of the game, it became the most popular smartphone game in the world.

In India, however, this game has recently been banned in all forms of release as well as playing in many cities. Playing PUBG in this country is considered illegal. This once caused at least 10 students to be arrested for secretly downloading and playing it. The violence of the game makes the National Children’s Rights Protection Committee consider whether it should be added to this country’s law.

The difference in India compared to other countries lies in the speed at which the country integrates into the digital world without any clear laws or regulations. They spent a total of two decades to argue and adjust, to enter the digital age in just a few short months. This has helped turn India into a potential market for smartphone manufacturers, digital service providers, and game makers.

One of India’s largest Hindi newspapers claims PUBG is a “disease” that turns children into “manorogi” (fanatics), multi-personality, or psychotic guys. The Navbharat Times warned there were many dangerous consequences from this game in an editorial on March 20. They think that many children have lost their mental stability because of playing it.

Aryaman Joshi, 13, once had a chance to play PUBG a few hours a day before it was banned. He said that the reason many friends by age like this game is because there are many shots. However, the boy’s mother did not think this was a good way to educate children.

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