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Admittedly losing Brendan Greene is the biggest loss suffered by PUBG.

Bredan Greene has astonished the whole world with the Arma 2 shooter mod, plus inspired by the Japanese “Battle Royale” title, to combine with Blue Hole to create PUBG.

By creating its own world and bringing its community into it, understanding the development of the game, and keeping a consistent style, PlayerUnknown knows exactly what will happen. That’s why Battlegrounds has been in a dominant position for many years.

Fortnite may reduce its popularity, but not (or yet) enough to become a complete replacement. Are you really knowledgeable about PUBG? Join us to discover untold stories about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from the game’s creator.

In the past 5 years, Bredan Geene can be considered as a person who elevates the development of the survival game genre. Like the 2000 Japanese film of the same name, players are dropped on a deserted island and forced to fight until only one player stops. 100 players will collect weapons, hats, armor, fight to win the final.

In 2017, after 1 year of development, this game was released with early access. Although PUBG still has a lot of bugs and instability, the realistic gameplay, diverse styles, suitable for many people makes this game immediately become a craze everywhere and sold. the most on the world’s largest game distribution platform – Stream.

Greene realized that PUBG was not necessarily nailed to a single game mode. As a visionary executive, he sees the potential in a community to create something much bigger than developers can even imagine. Greene’s marketing and development philosophy goes beyond just wanting to streamers share their game with the world. It’s about building an ever-more complete game for fans who love it.

Perhaps you will think that Greene is satisfied with what he has, and rarely will your comments be of interest to him. But no, Greene did the opposite. After he left, PUBG no longer attracted as many gamers as before. According to the November report, PUBG lost over 80% of its players.

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