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  • Comments Off on Leander Games’ Alexandria: City of Fortune Debuts at online casino websites

    Leander Games’ Alexandria: Cit...

    17 November 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Ancient Egyptian-themed slots are the bread and butter of many top online casinos. Pop into any decent online casino, and you’re sure to discover a plethora of titles with this subject. Particularly, maximum offer relatively the same gaming revel in and are pretty alike, even all the way down to the pix they bring about. Leander video games is aimi...

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  • Comments Off on Esports Development Makes Gamers a Hot Career (part 1)

    Esports Development Makes Game...

    30 October 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Thanks to the development of esports, gamers are now recognized at many universities. They will have a graduate degree like other professions. With the recent growth of esports, gamers are no longer considered jobless anymore. They can fully earn a college degree by playing games. Staffordshire University is one of a number of gaming schools. It is...

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  • Comments Off on Riot Games builds the ‘League of Legends universe’ – cartoons and more

    Riot Games builds the ‘L...

    20 October 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends game, Riot Games has announced a series of projects that promise to change the eSports industry in the coming years. Riot Games’ only League of Legends game is 10 years old, but the company still makes a fortune with 8 million people playing League of Legends every day. However, fans s...

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