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5. Kayn

Until now, Kayn has always been one of the top-ranking forest generals, rarely getting out of meta too far. Even in version 9.1, he was a forest champion with the third highest play rate (6.94%) with a decent win rate of over 50%. His biggest drawback is relatively weak in the early stages of the game, so it will be quite difficult to deal with enemy teams with high coordination ability. However, once he has reached the level and bought himself the necessary equipment, Kayn will become a monster full of terror and has a potential of 1vs2 easily with unpredictable ganks.

By the time of version 9.2, Kayn also received some modifications, mainly to make the transformation mechanism smoother and more intuitive. So, if you are a Kayn fan and the enemy team consists of generals who cannot crush you in the early stages of the game, Kayn is the ideal choice to cross the walls and take down any enemies. Sewing is left alone.

4. Camille

Even before the 9.2 version was updated, with rumors that Camille was about to lose strength, players who were still completely confident in the power of this general had no reason to not use it. the present time when Riot still hasn’t “touched” her. Although she will be slower than the top choices in cleaning up the monsters at the beginning of the game, her crowd-moving and controlling abilities make her one of the best gank forest generals in the early stages of the game. .

Even so, Camille is still very dependent on teammates. So she will be relatively strenuous during the journey. Please select Camille to rate if you are confident in your ability to outplay forest riders and enemy vision.

3. Sejuani
In addition to 2019 is the Year of the Pig, as well as receiving an extremely interesting outfit in version 9.2, there are many other reasons why you should use this pig-riding girl when climbing the current Rank Rank. The changes in version 9.1 make Sejuani much more likely to deal damage than before, combined with Yu Chun’s jewel that makes her a terror to a ganker.

2. Kha’Zix

For any player who likes to focus on mid-game to the end of the game, Kha’Zix is ​​always an attractive choice. Although his jungle ability is not the best and he can be robbed by the enemy forest man, but once he is equipped with the necessary items and gets his ultimate move, Kha ‘Zix will gradually evolve from assisting passers-by into an assassin to gank to a monster in a total battle.

1. Xin Zhao

Changes related to Punishment supplementation in version 9.2 will most likely affect many people who go to the forest during the early to mid-game period – those who need to Punish Challenges or Punish Nuns to end target. However, there are things that have not changed, such as the Golden Lion, which allows Xin Zhao to actually cause a tremendous amount of damage.

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