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There is an interesting information on the new level system and many of the features updated in the Blade & Soul game at the Korean server. NCSoft launched a new release not just for Korean servers, but for fans as well, this game all over the world.

The most notable feature of this update is that the max level of the character will be raised to 60! At the same time the main quest line 10 will also be open. As NCSoft has introduced before, scene 10 will take players to Heaven as well as learn more about the origin of Jin Soyun – who started things in Blade & Soul.

According to a recent short comic, Jin Soyun is the fruit of love between a barefooted man and a goddess. The naming convention also implies the presence of both Jin and Yun, also known as the Human and the Divine, to evoke the origin of this character. If you do not know, Jin means the Human race and Yun is the clan.

In addition, some noteworthy new features will also be brought to gamers in the near future as well. Typically, the third provincial awakening with Lyn Warrior – two themes that are gaining a lot of attention from gamers has been mentioned by NCSoft and is expected to launch around January next year.
In this mode, the player must be extremely polished (mech) mechanism, because just one stick hit the Boss only, the character of the player will die immediately! Players with large equipment will only help them to make bosses faster, but if not mech the ability to pass this mode is not possible.

This will be a good opportunity for the player to cultivate the skills of dodging attacks as well as dealing damage, since the two new bosses have very high energy and limited time hit. In the short run, NCSoft just released two Boss. If the feature is multiplayer, maybe more bosses will be able to activate Hell Mode in the future.

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