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Apex Legends is attracting a lot of gamers. Below are common errors in this game and how to fix them.

Crash Error

This error interrupts the game process. After a period of time, it returns to normal. You can fix it by going to Settings> Video and adjusting the parameters after Anti-aliasing> TSAA, Streaming Texture Budget> Low or Medium, Filtering Texture> 4x, Ambient Occlusion Quality> Medium.

Check Ping and switch server

Start Apex Legends but don’t click Continue. You wait 60 seconds, then press Exit. When the message panel appears, select Cancel. Click on Data Center at the bottom of the screen. Next, find the server with the lowest Ping and select Continue.

Improve FPS

Right-click the screen, select Nvidia Control Panel> Manage 3D settings> Program Settings> Add and click the Apex Legends icon. You can customize parameters such as Threaded optimization> On, Virtual Reality pre-defined frames> 1, Maximum pre-rendered frame> 1 and click Apply. This only applies to Nvidia graphics cards.

Connection to server timed out Error

This error can be fixed by right-clicking on Origin and selecting Run as Admin. Besides, you can use a VPN to play games or change Google’s DNS to improve. If it still fails, you should reset the router.

Easy anti-cheat banner Error

This is a pretty annoying error. You can fix this by deleting Origin. Go to Windows 10 Settings> Apps & Features> Origin and select Uninstall. Then restart the computer and reload Origin to install Apex Legends.

Damage immunity

In this case, the player is stuck on the Supply Ship at the start of the battle and cannot jump out and be immune to damage. As the ring becomes narrower until no one survives, you will become the winner. Respawn Entertainment has acknowledged the error and will release the earliest patch.

Lock account unreasonably

Go to EA support on the home page, select Apex Legends, PC> Manage my account> Banned or suspended account> Select Contact option. After that, the CASE INFORMATION screen appears, select Email and complete the information. Then press Email Us and wait for the result to send back.






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