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In the video gaming world, 2018 was set to be a massive year, and so far, it has lived up to every expectation, although it isn’t over yet and there is still lots of fabulous new titles and events on the horizon. Every year brings with it great excitement for gaming journos and this year will be one remembered for its extraordinary media events and astounding gaming expos across the world.

The calendar line-up for the rest of 2018 is as, if not more exciting of the year’s start and even though we are skipping quite a few of the upcoming expos and game shows here are some of the ones you would be totally cray-cray to miss.

On the International front, there are quite a few well worth the cost of travelling plus you might get to see new attraction and experience the culture of each of the different countries where the biggest game shows take place.

Major Pax Events

The main events in 2018 are the one in the East that took place from the 5th to the 8th of April in Boston and then the one still to come is in Australia Melbourne, yet all revolve around everything in the gaming culture as well as arcade, tabletop and video gaming. At PAX gamers can look forward to exhibitors including major game studios, independents and publishers.

September Tokyo Game Show

The yearly calendar highlight for games from Japan is still the Tokyo Game show, which has lost a bit of its relevance with the rise of the big Western game show genre. Japanese exhibitioners and publishers, as expected, are at the forefront of making this the biggest game show and they often succeed in attracting large crowds which benefits much from this event.

November, Anaheim Blizzcon

The star of the show is Blizzard as suggested by the name and if it has a Blizzard title such as Hearthstone, StarCraft or Overwatch you can be assured to find it at this November event. Blizzcon like Quakecon has an element of esports, and all games are competitive, so it’s a gamers dream.

October Paris Games Week

Across two of the press conferences is a split of Sony’s E3 announcements and the first takes a bit of a low-key PGW approach. Often what Sony hold off on in Gamescon, they hang on to generate an element of excitement for titles. The second E3 event for Sony is the PSX or PlayStation experience which is an event that takes place yearly in the US, primarily for fans PSX is every year in December.

December, Los Angeles, The Game Awards

The game awards in the last four years have grown to a highly anticipated event. It is a yearly event that takes place in the gaming industry. The previous, 2017, event was televised and attracted a viewer’s total of well over 11 million in the US, and the event is a not only for handing out awards it also focusses on premieres.

rAge Expo, Johannesburg, South Africa

The gaming event of the year in South Africa is now in its sixteenth year and attracts thousands of geek pop cultures as well as video gaming enthusiasts. Most fans save across several months to grab some of the best special at the expo while many fans travel to be able to attend the event. Last year around 40,000 fans attended, and the show continues to increase in size and popularity.

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