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Inclusivity in Gaming

One of the highlights of the latest gaming conferences is that the narratives and characters in gaming are going to be more inclusive and diverse to represent the broad strokes of people playing them. EA’s Global Consumer Insights survey found that 56 percent of game players found diversity and inclusivity important in terms of playing games and they established that games actually did matter to players by making a difference. This inclusivity could vary from shapes and sizes to skin colors, abilities and stories from various cultures. The inclusivity in gaming could also extend to the various kinds of game developers. There has been an increase in female game developers with about one in five being women. This figure remains low given how gaming audiences are often 50/50.

Console and Desktop Moving to Mobile

The E3 convention witnessed the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, which is a high jump for the famous console franchise to appeal to mobile audiences. However, it’s not alone. While Minecraft and Fortnite have taken advantage of the improved smartphone capabilities, Pokémon Go is a successful handheld console franchise on the mobile devices. Desktop-based William Hill also offers their online casino as an app that can be easily downloaded, helping fans of online casino be able to play the video poker, slot games, and live casino games that they enjoy on their mobiles. When talking about mobile gaming, this shows the flexibility and wide range of games on offer and reflects the increase in demand to game on mobiles in comparison to consoles and desktop.

2020 is an exciting year for mobile gaming since everyone is fully on board with where the industry may go. These include widespread subscription services within gaming, provisions in place for faster streaming, and greater inclusivity in gaming content and the game developers, as well as an increase in console and desktop games moving to mobile.

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