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Mobile gaming is expected to experience a more successful year in 2020 and we might have even seen the amount of mobile gaming eclipse all kinds of gaming. Indeed, the figure for revenue brought in by mobile gaming has been at around 50% and the rest of the year’s trends can see it surpass that and become the reigning method of gaming. So, what trends are we expecting to see to keep developing throughout this year?

Greater Streaming

The widespread development of 5G technology and the cloud amps up the amount of streaming that can be done in terms of computational power in mobile gaming. Japan has already benefited from its coverage for mobile players. With the faster and faster technology, we will be able to stream more games on mobile formats as well as multiplayer games will be able to be played on such a wide scale. This has already been seen, but it is expected to really take off as 2020 picks up. Games will need fewer updates for players; however, this might prove problematic for players who may be using old devices or haven’t had the latest smartphone model.

Subscription Gaming

Apple launched their Apple Arcade in September last year, which allowed players to pay a recurring fee so that they would be able to access a wide range of games with no in-app purchases, such as a Spotify for mobile gaming. Spotify has shown how listening to music has changed by using its app. This success can lead to other developers launching the same platforms and cooperating with both indie developers and big-name developers like Apple did. Really, Google Stadia follows a similar format. Since subscription services seem to be the new normal, it makes sense there would be a version for the most popular kinds of gaming. Players’ choice of phone purchase might then be influenced in the future by which games may be available for it, just as selecting a console is now.

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