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Esports is no longer just a game. It has now turned into a hot profession with extremely high income. In esports-specialized universities, veteran gamers also become instructors.

Becker College officially opened a Bachelor of Science degree in esports management after spoiling in 2018. Alan Ritacco, head of the school’s design and technology department, said there would be no more kids having to sneak games in their loft.

The top esports players currently have an income not inferior to the highest paid stars in some traditional sports like golf or tennis. A esports teacher shared that esports is not much different from sports management.

He shares it similarly when you go to school to become a football manager. Basically, you are learning the business behind the way the players do their job. Direction of running a gym and all activities related to management.

After 2 consecutive championships of The International 2018 and 2019, Optimism Greatness (OG) pocketed more than $ 15 million in prize money. Meanwhile, 2 players Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep only received $ 2.9 million when they won the championship at the long-standing Grandslam Wimbledon 2019.

If you have to find a model who is the best model for this industry, professional gamers are the candidate could not be more suitable. At Chichester University, students who take courses on esports games like FIFA or League of Legends will gain the knowledge to former professional player Rams R2K Singh.

Ohio State University, meanwhile, plans to offer a college degree in esports and gaming, including applying games to health and medicine. In the UK, standard tuition is set at £ 9,250 ($ 11,430) a year, while US programs cost up to $ 36,000 a year. Ellis Celia, a 26-year-old student who just took a course in Staffordshire, shared her views. There will always be risks, but he has absolutely no regrets because he decided to pursue it. This is the best time to jump into this industry.

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