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  • Comments Off on Malaysia E-sports Has Great Potential to Become a Million-dollar Industry

    Malaysia E-sports Has Great Po...

    7 August 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Syed Saddiq, Malaysia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, said e-sports in Malaysia have great potential to become a million-dollar industry, which could significantly boost the socio-economic development of country. Typical example is the case of Mobile Legends game created great attraction in Malaysia. This is one of the most popular games in t... Read more

  • Comments Off on The most successful handheld game console in history

    The most successful handheld g...

    28 July 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Video game console, also popular and more familiar to us “handheld game console” or “portable video game”, can be considered a piece associated with memory and life of any guy. It must be said that the handheld game machines have followed us since very early, since they were the elementary school guys or often skipped classe... Read more

  • Comments Off on Does Racing Game Help Gamers Drive Better?

    Does Racing Game Help Gamers D...

    11 July 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Racing games increase the excitement of players after virtual steering wheel, which can make them more likely to experience problems when driving in real life. Thanks to vivid effects and top-notch graphics, many racing games today have extremely realistic, typical simulations such as Asphalt, Need for Speed, Forza or Project CARS. Some people beli... Read more

  • Comments Off on Xiaomi launched the “AutoFull Gaming Chair” in sports car-style design

    Xiaomi launched the “Aut...

    28 June 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Xiaomi’s gaming chair is designed with high-class cowhide material and meets dnamic standards to bring comfort to users. Recently, China officially recognized e-Sports as a profession. Like other industries, there are necessary accessories to bring comfort. The game industry is no exception, with a comfortable gaming keyboard, gaming mouse an... Read more

  • Comments Off on Top 3 Most Haunting Game Ending

    Top 3 Most Haunting Game Endin...

    12 June 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Obviously, losing a game in the game is very normal for all players, whether in simple, complex games. However, not every game the characters also have the same sacrifice. Some are as gentle as Mario being stabbed to death by a tortoise, or as scary as The Walking Dead when our character is eaten by living corpses. And here we... Read more

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