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  • Comments Off on Alienware launches Concept UFO handheld game machine

    Alienware launches Concept UFO...

    8 January 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Realizing the potential of Nintendo Switch but not being fully exploited, Dell, laptop manufacturer, suddenly entered the market of handheld gaming devices directly competing with Nintendo when it launched the Alienware Concept UFO at the conference.Nintendo Switch is a compact handheld game console and a companion of all gamers on long trips, but ... Read more

  • Comments Off on Try 3 RPG Games on Android You’ve Never Known

    Try 3 RPG Games on Android You...

    26 December 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    In addition to the big names in the gaming industry with countless shocking products during the past time, gamers still do not forget the Indle games of the independent developers. They can be individuals who own many unique, interesting ideas and express them through vivid worlds and extremely personal characters. Quest Lord If you do not like the... Read more

  • Comments Off on PUBG Has Lost A Lot of Players After Brendan Greene’s Leave

    PUBG Has Lost A Lot of Players...

    29 November 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Admittedly losing Brendan Greene is the biggest loss suffered by PUBG. Bredan Greene has astonished the whole world with the Arma 2 shooter mod, plus inspired by the Japanese “Battle Royale” title, to combine with Blue Hole to create PUBG. By creating its own world and bringing its community into it, understanding the development of the... Read more

  • Comments Off on Leander Games’ Alexandria: City of Fortune Debuts at online casino websites

    Leander Games’ Alexandria: Cit...

    17 November 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Ancient Egyptian-themed slots are the bread and butter of many top online casinos. Pop into any decent online casino, and you’re sure to discover a plethora of titles with this subject. Particularly, maximum offer relatively the same gaming revel in and are pretty alike, even all the way down to the pix they bring about. Leander video games is aimi... Read more

  • Comments Off on Riot Games builds the ‘League of Legends universe’ – cartoons and more

    Riot Games builds the ‘L...

    20 October 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends game, Riot Games has announced a series of projects that promise to change the eSports industry in the coming years. Riot Games’ only League of Legends game is 10 years old, but the company still makes a fortune with 8 million people playing League of Legends every day. However, fans s... Read more

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