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  • Comments Off on Four Top Mobile Gaming Trends for 2020 (part 1)

    Four Top Mobile Gaming Trends ...

    25 June 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Mobile gaming is expected to experience a more successful year in 2020 and we might have even seen the amount of mobile gaming eclipse all kinds of gaming. Indeed, the figure for revenue brought in by mobile gaming has been at around 50% and the rest of the year’s trends can see it surpass that and become the reigning method... Read more

  • Comments Off on Gaming industry provides Covid-19 solution for wind farm operations firm

    Gaming industry provides Covid...

    25 May 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Using a tool commonly established by developers to play popular online multiplayer games such as Fortnite and Counter-Strike, Renewable Energy Systems (RES) brought in the programme to quickly shift staff operations from the control room to home. RES, which has its main 24- hour Scottish control room in Glasgow, provides site access operations and ... Read more

  • Comments Off on Entertain with Games in Google’s Doodle Games Archive

    Entertain with Games in Google...

    28 April 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Google is bringing back older Google Doodle games to entertain everyone while we’re all stuck at homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The search giant plans to emphasize its previous popular Doodles as its featured Doodle of the day. But if you also want to do a little digging, you can try playing plenty of games in Google’s archive. The... Read more

  • Comments Off on Recommended free mobile games for players stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic

    Recommended free mobile games ...

    30 March 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    As many people are stuck at home due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple has made some popular mobile games available free for now. These games are usually paid in some form, such as subscriptions on Apple Arcade or paid titles on the AppStore. The aim of Apple is to make indoor life more comfortable. Here is a... Read more

  • Comments Off on The most badass weapon in Call Of Duty: Warzone

    The most badass weapon in Call...

    20 March 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Although it has only been launched for a few days, Call Of Duty: Warzone has made a huge push not only for gamers around the world, but also for the battle royale genre which used to be the king of PUBG and Fortnite. When entering this arena of life and death, guns are extremely important to survive until the end.... Read more

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