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If you have played browser RPG games on PC, for sure, you must be on a constant hunt for finding the best RPG games to level up the experience. Even if you haven’t tried these games so far, we recommend to try them and have a fantastic gaming time. From hunting the stars in the galaxy to killing the giants, these games give you a great experience. The best part about these games is, they can be played in multiplayer versions as well. These are some of the best RPG games to play on your PC. All these games are also very similar to the games on leovegas casino india, if you want a real-life gaming environment and experience the best. Pick any of these games and have a blast while enjoying the best RPG gameplay.

Check them out:


This is the biggest surprise game you will ever play. Based on the Dungeons & Dragons theme, these games give you great gaming experience. While you play sitting on your desktop, you inevitably embark on a journey that the game offers, at a personal level. Ever since the game was first launched, it has been upgraded a lot of times, making it even better.

Star Trek Online:

Who does not know Star Trek? However, many do not know that there is an RPG game available on the same theme. Each game of Star Trek Online gives you an experience of watching another episode of the famous series.


RIFT is known as one of the most potent games of the era. It is not only casted and created impressively, but it also allows the players to come together and make the team fight against the bad. The latest Prophecy of Ahnket is one of the incredible expansion of any RPG games ever.


ArcheAge as the name suggests is based on the archaeological era. It is based on the story of the ocean where the players have to face dangers like storms, whirlpools, sea creatures, or pirates.

Blade & Soul:

Based on Martial Art, the game is a Korean Fantasy. It has a great design and gameplay idea that attracts the players a lot. You can choose between the mighty Gon or the versatile Jin and kick start the play.

No matter what you choose to play, be sure that you’ll have some great time and enjoyable gameplay experience. If you do decide to play on leovegas casino, please make sure that you have read the review and do understand all the risks. Please play all of the games only if your health state allows you to.

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