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Smartphone getting hot during use is hard to avoid. Although over the years, smartphone processors have improved a lot, this problem has not been fixed, especially when the device runs heavy tasks. However, Google recently said this problem could be fixed on Android Q system.

Specifically, according to Google, applications and games on Android Q can use the feature called Thermal API in order to enforce adjustment measures when discovering the smartphone is too hot. This is a very convenient feature to control Android device temperature issues.

According to Google, Thermal API will provide a better experience than before and especially does not need to close applications or worry about reduced performance and battery capacity. Google said that if it found that the smartphone was heating up, the live streaming application could reduce the resolution. The camera application can disable the flash or enhance image processing features. The game may reduce frame rate or graphics quality, and multimedia applications may reduce speaker volume or map application may turn off GPS.

Take the reduction of the frame rate or the graphics quality of the game as an outstanding example. This is a feature that is currently being integrated in modern games, which improves overall performance if the smartphone has to handle multiple tasks at once or handle heavy tasks for hours.

According to Google, Android Q will automatically classify performance adjustments for the new API. In it, they also include adjustments that Thermal API can offer within the range of “normal” to “slight adjustment”, to “emergency” and finally “power off” if heat smartphone’s level is out of control.

However, Thermal API only works on devices with HAL layers, which are currently only available on Pixel. Therefore, Google said it is working with Android smartphone companies to bring Thermal API to other devices as quickly as possible.

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