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  • Comments Off on Radical Rappelling: Extreme sports game from ‘Father’ of Fruit Ninja

    Radical Rappelling: Extreme sp...

    7 March 2019 , by Roberta Lambert

    Radical Rappelling is the latest mobile game from the well-known developer Halfbrick – the “father” of the two best-selling mobile games: Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Is this new game attractive and worth playing? Halfbrick always knows how to please its customers, as it constantly launches a series of games with simple but hi...

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  • Comments Off on Gaming Event Calendar 2018 September Onwards

    Gaming Event Calendar 2018 Sep...

    10 September 2018 , by Roberta Lambert

    In the video gaming world, 2018 was set to be a massive year, and so far, it has lived up to every expectation, although it isn’t over yet and there is still lots of fabulous new titles and events on the horizon. Every year brings with it great excitement for gaming journos and this year will be one remembered for...

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  • Comments Off on EVENT 60 SECONDS


    7 June 2017 , by Roberta Lambert

    ~ NEW EVENT BY L2K-KO ~ START EVENT BETA Hello friends, that event make your game more happy and you take your chance to win Gold-Medals & Bronze-Medals! 5 people from the server win this amazing event! What you should to do? 1.Answear the questions. 2.Enter to the door. 3.Pick up all the G-Medals & B-Medals. 4.You have 60 seconds!...

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