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  • Comments Off on The most badass weapon in Call Of Duty: Warzone

    The most badass weapon in Call...

    20 March 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Although it has only been launched for a few days, Call Of Duty: Warzone has made a huge push not only for gamers around the world, but also for the battle royale genre which used to be the king of PUBG and Fortnite. When entering this arena of life and death, guns are extremely important to survive until the end....

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  • Comments Off on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reveals a new game mode – Bang Bang Chess

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reve...

    23 February 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Accordingly, in January 2020, a new game mode of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – dignity flag Bang Bang Chess was officially launched. The secret of this new type of battle lies in the “destiny box” and will be revealed in the near future. Bang Bang Chess opens a magical world – understood as a turn-based battle mode in Mobile L...

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  • Comments Off on Alienware launches Concept UFO handheld game machine

    Alienware launches Concept UFO...

    8 January 2020 , by Roberta Lambert

    Realizing the potential of Nintendo Switch but not being fully exploited, Dell, laptop manufacturer, suddenly entered the market of handheld gaming devices directly competing with Nintendo when it launched the Alienware Concept UFO at the conference.Nintendo Switch is a compact handheld game console and a companion of all gamers on long trips, but ...

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